Meet the team

Since opening in 2016 Marcus and Loredana Emadi have built a team that has become more like a family. We’re a rag tag bunch of fun loving, hard working eccentrics with big personalities all committed to make sure you have a great time in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Sure, sometimes we’ll bicker over playlists, emptying the bin or who is going to clean the glasswasher, but you couldn’t meet a more supportive group.

Check out the team bios below so you can get to know us a little before your visit.

Marc Roberts - General Manager

Supportive boss and great listener, goes above and beyond for customers, makes cocktails at lighting speed, loves getting his tool(s) out, craft ale fanboy, founder of Team Sexy, knows how to build a bar but not clean one..

Sophie Webster - Supervisor

Has been working in bars since she was in nappies, has hair like Rapunzel, doesn't take any nonsense off staff, loves a cuddle, has a passion for colouring books, dreams of owning a bin that you don't have to touch to empty/open.

Freya Hopkins

A total sweetheart that will always greet you with a smile and put you at ease, hard working but prefers skiing, yelling her name in an Australian accent is very satisfying.

Jemma Utley

One of the Saturday night crew, likes to sass the locals and other staff members with a grin, stacks barrels and takes too long with line cleaning, takes photos of everything, likes editing websites, sleeps one hour a night, threatens to eat staff when hungry.

Charlotte Harwood

Bubbly and sweet, used to live in America so has the accent with a dash of Yorkshire, likes to carry around a bag of Haribo Starmix in her apron, can't stand still so looks like she always needs a pee.

Ryan 'Auntie Ray' Egan

Auntie Ray is just one big ray of sunshine, likes to wear hats so he can come to work as a farmer/Amish/an extra in Jurrasic Park, moonlights as a Nina West impersonator, doesn't believe in personal space.

Max Stephens

Works hard and is a great laugh, always joking with customers, loves a bit of dad rock on closedowns, has a marshmallow addiction, got tall fast so his brain hasn't caught up with his hands and feet yet, enjoys breaking glasses.

Niall Yates

Cheeky chap and great hugger, loves singing while whipping staff with polishing cloths, has a deep passion for mocktails, ambassador for San Tropez, always has his mates in drinking vodka and Bubble Gum gin.

Matthew Pease-Bower - Assistant Manager

Keeper of the rotas and guardian of the coffee machine, handles private hire and bookings, speaks mostly in memes, encyclopedic knowledge of music, runs around like a blue arsed fly, loves a loud shirt, needs another day off.

Lewis Verity - Supervisor

Mixology mogul, loves dehydrating any fruit he can get his hands on, knows how he likes his barrels stacked, gets joy from latte art, gets mad at poorly cut fruit, flirts with anything that breathes including John, degenerate.

Tommy 'Tommy T' Taylor

Resident gangster, pretty fly for a 'white' guy, loves working the floor like he owns the place, an aspiring model, bad boy striker of Clifford FC, prefers hiding his apron rather than taking it home.

Hannah Theweneti

Queen of the closedown with the bar cleaned up by 8pm, a machine on the coffee machine, rediculously photogenic, wicked sense of humour, bad case of resting bitch face.

John McGown - Head Chef

Don Corleone of the kitchen, saviour of Tom Foolery, makes a pizza so good it'll bring a tear to your eye, loves making impossibly hot hot sauce to torture the staff with, fuelled by hatred but also total sweetheart, communicates in sarcasm and insults, pic related is how staff feel asking him for food.

Moises Bernado

A rare breed of chilled out chef that loves blasting out europop and Afroman on shift, wears skater boy hats from 2005, often tells stories about the home country (Portugal), if food orders are placed at 8.50pm he goes from a pussycat to beating up steel splashbacks.

Josh Fielden

If you have a friend called Josh ours is better than yours, known as Good Josh as he is a banging KP, there is such thing as the Fielden Society and for good reason as any family with a guy like Josh in it deserves celebrating.

Alex Heum

Hard working KP, loves watching Naked Attraction and Flog It! whilst washing up, has aspirations to become Head KP but we don't have the heart to tell him the position doesn't exist.

Lucy Broadhead

Looks like butter wouldn't melt but is well known cake thief and diva, Queen of the Coffee Machine often seen steaming milk in the corner on a Saturday, secretly Bella Hadid wanting to connect with normal people.

George Brown

Incredibly sassy and sarcastic but sweet as a nut, loves a good facemask, can be heard giggling from across the high street, easily recognisable from his religiously worn turn ups and white socks.

Kevin (Big Kev) Taylor

Enjoys long walks on the beach, loves being cooked for after a hard day of pleasing customers with satisfying mouthfuls, ex army man and hockey player, available for dates.

Andrew Peaden - Assistant Manager

Takes great care of the team, King of Saturday daytime, charity shop fashionista, huge Liverpool fan, likes to drink with old men, avid piano player after a few pints of Guinness, if I had a pound for every time he looked at me I'd have 50p.

Marcus Emadi - Owner

The great mind behind Tom Foolery, energetic and involved, always full of ideas, constantly seeking the best vibe for the venue, has to be class, when staff know he's coming efficiency goes up 100%, loves a good sparkly outfit, will get you to decorate his house if you let him.

Loredana Emadi - Owner

Queen of Tom Foolery, handles the day to day running of Marcus, always buys sweets and chocolate for staff, has a passion for avocado on toast, little know fact Tom Foolery was founded as a shipping warehouse for Loredana's online shopping addiction.

Lia Veall

Always busting serious shapes on shift, makes you smile no matter what, wicked booksmart, can make a speedy cocktail, bit dozy, prone to disppearing on shift, makes guest appearances on a Saturday night, prone to occassional fits of rage.

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