Hot Drinks

Our hot drinks menu champions independent suppliers as we love supporting small businesses. Their passion for quality ingredients and commitment to ethical work practices is so important to us. You can rest assured that from crop to cup you’re getting the best.

We also make sure our team are constantly improving their skills as baristas as they’re trained by the legends at Maude coffee.


We are so happy to have Maude Coffee as our main coffee supplier. Based under a railway bridge in Leeds, their small team of roasters are doing something special. They have high standards for the quality of their beans, selecting only those that have a Cup Of Excellence score of 86 or above.

These standards are also reflected in their ethics, sourcing single origin coffee from the grower, ensuring that their hard work is paid for and efforts recognised. We continue to work closely with Maude so that we do their coffee justice and can be proud of every cup we make.

Good coffee is nothing without good milk, we use Acorn organic milk and A Lancaster diary from Scarcroft for great tasting, locally sourced milk and cream. We also have a selection of high quality dairy free milks including soy, oat and almond.


Our delicious selection of loose leaf tea has a brew for every mood. Our favourite is the Earl Grey, with pieces of bergamot and black tea leaves it smells fantastic and has that delightful citrus aroma. Best drank black with a slice of fresh lemon, it’s just right for lazy Sunday mornings.

Hot Chocolate and Chai

We continue to champion independent suppliers with our indulgent Mörk hot chocolate. Carefully crafted with cocoa powder, heavy blocks of pure unsweetened chocolate, 100% cacao liquor and unrefined coconut blossom sugar. It’s rich, vegan friendly and all natural. Pretty good for you until you blend it with creamy whole milk, then top it with whipped cream and mini marshmellows….

We also have some delicious Chai syrups from Henny and Joe’s, a little company in Bath offering expertly blended Masala and Chocolate Chai. A sweet and soothing sip which is just the tonic after a long day.


All our cakes come from the great team at Love Rouge, Headingley. They are small batch made from local produce, offering delicious options for all intolerances. One bite and you’ll love them as much as we do, and then you’ll have to get another slice.

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