Want freshly baked bread, takeout coffee, deli sandwiches, cured meats, cheeses, and traditional antipasti? We have plenty of delights on offer at our brand new deli! Stock will change often as we like to keep things fresh so do pop in to see what we have on offer.

Open 9.30am – 9pm daily!

Takeaway Cafe

We are still offering takeaway hot drinks!

  • Cappuccino
  • Flat white
  • Latte
  • Americano
  • Hot chocolate
  • Iced coffee/tea

And lots more! We have milk with coffee/tea in various ways with decaff and plenty of milk alternatives on the go.

Ice Cream

Leave Whitby alone and get your Mr Whippy from us! We’re selling classic semi-freddo ice cream with a ‘Boston Top’ lemon sorbet! Served by the pot.

We also have some lovely toppings:

  • Flake
  • Bubble gum or raspberry sauce
  • Marshmallows
  • Lime or raspberry sherbert

Perfect for taking on a picnic!


Deli Sandwiches

We have deli sandwiches on the go at lunchtime! All sandwiches are served on freshly baked ciabatta drizzled with Lovesome Farm extra virgin rapeseed oil, rock salt, and cracked black pepper. Served as collection only between 12-4pm daily. The sandwiches on offer may vary but here’s an idea of what you could try!

New brunch and lunch sandwiches!

Lunch 12pm – 4pm

Maple cured bacon, smashed avocado, aioli, lettuce and tomato.
Shredded chicken, peppers, harissa mayo, lettuce and red onion.
Chica Caliente – Spanish cured meats, cheddar, mixed leaf salad, smashed avocado, harissa mayo, sriracha.
Chickpea alicante, pickled cucumber, tomato, red onion mixed leaf salad.

Brunch – 9.30am till 4pm

Breakfast sandwiches are served with wilted garlic and soy spinach, fried potato, poached egg and choice of chutney.
Choice of filling:
Sykes House Farm pork sausage
Dry cured back bacon
Vegetarian breakfast patty

With a choice of chutney!

Freshly Baked Bread

Our in-house baker is baking everything you knead for amazing sandwiches, with specialty and classic stonebaked loaves available fresh every day.

We recommend you get in by 12 pm to get yours hot, with bloomers, ciabattas, and loaves.

Some examples of what we have on offer:

  • Stonebaked white loaf – £3.95
  • Mixed herb bloomer – £3.95
  • Stonebaked wholemeal – £3.95
  • Stonebaked Ciabatta – £3.95

This is all subject to availability and is changed on regular rotation as we small-batch bake every day.

Deli Meats

We have some amazing deli meats for you including:

Montanegra Iberico Chorizo

Our traditionally hand-filled Montanegra Iberico Chorizo is produced from Iberico pigs in Extremadura. The fat from the acorn-fed pigs runs through the sausage leaving it nutty, soft, sweet, smooth with well-balanced flavours, making it perfect for tapas. Serve at room temperature with a glass of Rioja.

Somalo Lomo Extra

An entire pork loin beautifully cured and thinly sliced with no trimmings or fat added. Simply seasoned with smoky paprika from Spain and fresh garlic, then hung to cure for up to three months. The result is a lean, flavourful cured meat. Gluten-Free. Best served garnished with extra virgin olive oil or as a tapa with Manchego cheese or jamon slices.

Somalo Boneless Serrano Ham ETG

The producers of our Jamon Serrano (meaning ‘mountain ham’) are certified members of the “Consorcium of Jamon Serrano” which is a secret ham society that guarantees the quality of each ham and ours has the ETG accreditation for Guaranteed Traditional Speciality. The 14-month long curing process is overseen by the Martinez Somalo ham master. This is a very serious ham, to be taken seriously.

This is just a taster of what we have on offer and is subject to availability so to check out the rest of our range, do pop in!

Artisan Cheese

The family-run Courtyard Dairy is smashing it out of the park with traditionally made British cheese, remaining loyal to generations of cheesemonger…ing. Below is a just a selection of what we have on offer, a few of my favourites. So be sure to not miss out and come down to try the rest! Availability may vary.

Baron Bigod

A creamy, mild, and rich hand-ladled brie, the first of its kind made in Britain.


One of Britain’s most outstanding goats’ milk cheeses. Dorstone is sold at only three weeks old with a mousse-like texture, a lemony-fresh flavour and just a hint of goat.


This English Camembert goes toe to toe with its french rivals: vegetal, porcini-flavoured and intense. This Tunworth’s is more wrinkled for a more intense flavour – making an already brilliant cheese simply outstanding.


Antipasti, Mezze and More

We’re in contact with some amazing restaurant suppliers and we are proud to present some of the best authentic Meditteranean ingredients. The list below will likely change as we love to keep things interesting and we have plenty more in stock, but just to give you an idea:

Pates – Venison and black pudding

Olives – Gordal and Manzanilla

Pasta sauces – Pomodoro e Basilico (tomato sauce with basil) Sugo alla Olive (tomato sauce with olives) and Sugo Puttanesca (Tomato Sauce with Tuna)

Dips – Aioli, Mojo Roja, Tapenade, Pulpa de Nora

Pasta – Farfalloni, Tagliatelle (egg pasta), Garganelli (egg pasta), Bucatini

Mezze – Bruschetta, gigantes beans, sauteed mushrooms, stuffed vine leaves

Shop safe

We’re all set up for a safe service. There’s hand sanitiser at the door, we allow in 3 shoppers in at a time, with a touch and take policy, and clearly defined spaces for shopping. Contactless card payments only.

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