Boston Spa Christmas Society





Deck the Halls

We believe that the jewel of Yorkshire should shine even brighter this Christmas with some seriously extra (but tasteful) decorations, in true Tom Foolery style. We’re raising money to deck out Boston Spa high street and hoping to raise over £40,000 by the end of August! We want these decorations to bring in the crowds and boost local trade, with plenty of festive schemes on their way in the future.


So how are we getting started?

    • Taking the £1 per person entry fee for the Tuesday quiz and putting it straight into the pot.
    • Offering sponsored decorations with a plaque so your contribution to festive cheer is immortalised under the decoration of your choice.
    • Hosting a raffle with some top prizes where people can win cool stuff like a holiday in Charles’ villa or hiring out Lynne Jackson’s basement bar… they haven’t really promised these things yet but I’m taking the chance to drop some pretty big hints.

We have also set up a Fundly page so you can keep track of how much money we’ve raised and donate online!

Want to get involved?

We see this as an amazing opportunity to reach out to the local community and bring everyone together so, rather than going it alone, we are looking for the big business brains in Boston to form Boston Spa’s Christmas Society. There will be meetings, with coffee.

But we want the people who take Christmas as seriously as we take fun.

Are you the Christmas king/queen of your family? Do you start hoarding presents in April? Are you chief office Christmas party organiser? Have NASA informed you that your Christmas decorations are visible from space? We want to hear from you.

Join us!

If you have some great ideas to help us on our Christmas mission and want to join our group, then just email me!

Email me

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